Our showroom is the brainchild of founder Charlie Borthwick. It is set in the creative heart of Parson’s Green where metal forgers, jewellery designers and sculptors work aside one and other – each with their own set of design values. Charlie’s vision was to represent Cue’s work within the context of a fully working home stretching over two floors of 6,000 sq ft in Parsons Green. As such all the bathrooms and kitchens are plumbed in, all the appliances work, our lights can be switched on and off and all of our furniture is arranged in a way that it be used in the right context.

By creating this environment, clients get a real sense of how our designs would work within their own homes. It doesn’t feel like a typical shop although everything that is on display can be bought directly or made to order. Our workshop is at the back of the showroom and we are delighted when clients have a look inside to see how it all works or how a particular project is developing.

The workshop is the epicentre of production and where all the designs are realised after a thorough and all encompassing design process. When our plans arrive in the workshop, our craftsmen start work on the finer details. They are a team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to producing exceptional and meticulous work.

“What a fantastic and unexpected space. Its more like coming into someone’s home than a showroom – other than the buzz of the craftsmen at work at the back. Its an inspiring place to visit and everything comes to life in that kind of environment.” Katrina Wells